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The story of Consurtio begins in the commitment to experiential learning that has been an important part of Whitman’s approach to education. Students continually invest their time bettering businesses with new ideas and strategic recommendations that not only gives the student a chance to apply fresh concepts, but also propels the businesses forward.

Given this rich history of academic collaborative investment, Consurtio was a natural development to capture isolated experiences of student and business partnership and crystallize the practice and opportunity so more students and businesses could ultimately benefit. It is a modern day apprenticeship that sets apart the Whitman student with skills and experience that translate directly into their career.

What Our Clients Say

The Whitman students truly blew us away with their professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness, critical thinking and creativity. I know how long it would have taken to engage an outside consulting firm and to get the consultants up and running. The speed with which the students acclimated, absorbed information and began adding value was astonishing. They uncovered gaps we had not considered and brought original, relevant ideas to the table. The team delivered a work product that was of real substance and value to our firm and our clients.
Goldman Sachs and Madison Square Garden are Goliaths in their industries. The opportunity for our students to work on a real business scenario being faced by Madison Square Garden and to formulate suggestions for Goldman Sachs in its efforts to provide counsel was immeasurably valuable. The students conducted thorough and relevant research, developed strategically sound recommendations and presented ideas with poise and professionalism. They learned industry-specific lessons, honed translatable skills and contributed viable suggestions well received by the client.
This was a great opportunity to collaborate with talented faculty members and students while applying the management skills and course material learned inside the classroom. The aspect I enjoyed most was the continual sense of having a positive, real-world impact helping our client achieve its strategic objectives. We were exposed to complex operational and management issues and had extensive conversations with key decision makers who asked challenging and thought provoking questions. It required that we think on our feet and thoroughly prepare for each client interaction.


Terry Brown - CEOCEO

Terry Brown

Consurtio is run by Whitman graduate students with undergraduate students as the employees.

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