Goldman Sachs


The challenge: Review a potential breakup of Madison Square Garden’s (MSG) sports, entertainment, and media segments into separate companies to increase efficiencies.

The result: Proposed that the media segment be separated from MSG in a spin-off transaction, allowing for more effective operation of the sports and entertainment businesses.

WSOM Students Dylan Weinberger, Austin Wentworth and Professor James Jim Seward Madison Square Garden Project

Contributed Viable Suggestions

Goldman Sachs and Madison Square Garden are Goliaths in their industries. The opportunity for our students to work on a real business scenario being faced by Madison Square Garden and to formulate suggestions for Goldman Sachs in its efforts to provide counsel was immeasurably valuable. The students conducted thorough and relevant research, developed strategically sound recommendations and presented ideas with poise and professionalism. They learned industry-specific lessons, honed translatable skills and contributed viable suggestions well received by the client.
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