Our Solutions

Consurtio provides intellectual insights and thought leadership for a variety of business needs. In its initial launch, consulting services are the core focus of the company. Most project challenges will encompass one or more of the following areas and will likely require policy/procedure review/recommendations. The unique perspective provided by the vast academic foundation supporting Consurtio equips the company to review and react to all areas of a business. Project scopes are cross functional in nature and include leveraging many areas of focus that the firm’s “employees”—undergraduate students— are studying, including:

Accounting – development of systems/framework to meet particular business needs; project-based accounting systems; cost tracking; policies and procedures development; process development

Entrepreneurship – business plan development for new initiatives, launching new businesses, effectual reasoning for business challenges

Finance – developing methods to improve financial performance of an organization; financial projections

Management  – development of organizational structures that increase the efficiency of an organization, including human resources, policies and procedures, organizational structure, employee training and development, HR policies

Marketing – studying the market, defining the market; market analysis; marketing campaign development; market research, development of customer service programs

Real estate – review real estate opportunities for business growth, improvement and investment

Retail management – innovative ways to buy, develop and sell products in both the domestic and global retail marketplace; customer service and leadership skills to create a successful team.

Supply chain– analyzing logistics, distribution, review existing supply chain and make recommendations for improvement to affect changes; reviewing distribution network, make recommendations for improvement inventory management; recommendations to mitigate product supply risk

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